Transforming cancer care at all stages of the disease
AJ Patel
7-year stage IV lung cancer survivor

Transforming cancer care at all stages of the disease

We are dedicated to helping patients at all stages of cancer live longer and healthier, through the power of blood tests and the data they unlock. Today our FDA-approved test helps inform treatment decisions for patients with advanced cancer. Our tests also detect residual and recurrent disease for patients with early-stage cancer, and will soon screen to find cancer at its earliest and most treatable.

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August 8, 2022

Guardant Health to Participate in the UBS Genomics 2.0 and Med...

Guardant Health’s management is scheduled to participate in a fireside chat on Wednesday, August 10 a...
August 8, 2022

Guardant Health and Blueprint Medicines present real-world dat...

Analysis utilizing GuardantINFORM™ real-world evidence platform shows cumulative incidence of EGFR C79...
August 5, 2022

Guardant Health Announces New Data from its Portfolio of Blood...

Presentations to highlight role of liquid biopsy tests and real-world data in identifying resistance m...
August 2, 2022

Guardant Health Receives Medicare Coverage for Guardant Reveal...

First blood-only liquid biopsy test for molecular residual disease testing now covered for certain fee...
July 7, 2022

Steve E. Krognes Joins Guardant Health Board of Directors

Mr. Krognes is a professional independent board member in the biotech and life science sector. He curr...
June 13, 2022

Guardant Health Completes Purchase of Guardant Health AMEA Joi...

Guardant Health today announced it has purchased the remaining shares of Guardant Health AMEA, Inc., h...
Precision oncology

Delivering on the promise for patients

Precision oncology is redefining cancer care by driving a more personalized and data-driven approach that improves on traditional standards of care. From using biomarkers to inform treatment in advanced cancer, to using circulating tumor DNA to not only assess response to treatment, but detect signs of remaining cancer and even identify the earliest signs of cancer, precision oncology is helping patients across all stages of the disease.

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Blood tests are at the core of our mission

Blood is at the center of transforming cancer care by holding insights that can improve clinical outcomes. Over 200,000 of our blood tests have been performed by 9,000 doctors to date. Our commercially available tests help inform treatment decisions for patients with advanced cancer, monitor treatment response, detect residual and recurrent disease in patients with early-stage cancer, and soon may help screen for cancer before symptoms appear. Our products also help pharmaceutical companies develop the next generation of cancer therapies.

“Our focus is always on what will have the greatest impact on patients.”

Helmy Eltoukhy, co-CEO

Together we can help conquer cancer

When you join our team, you become part of a mission that impacts so many personally: conquering cancer with data. We are passionate about serving patients and their families through the power of blood and the life-changing information it holds. Guardant Health is hiring bright minds in diverse fields to solve some of the most profound challenges in human health today.

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